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Buy a Research License

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Choose a Research License if you are interested in bringing IN UTERO to your Medical School or Conference.


  1. Physical copy of DVD.
  2. One-time license to screen the film in a public forum and charge admission.
  3. If purchased by a university, the right to organize unlimited free screenings on campus and the right to add the DVD to the library collection for circulation.
  4. Online Access to all Host Resources.
  5. A pre-recorded video introduction from the filmmakers OR the opportunity to send IN UTERO a question post-screening, to be answered in video format and delivered back to the host for dissemination.


  1. The film remains the property of Upstream Cinema, LLC. All rights and copyrights belong to Upstream Cinema, LLC and no copying or alterations are allowed.
  2. The DVD screener may not be publicly broadcasted more than once.
  3. Any copying or duplication of the files are strictly prohibited.
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