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Prenatal and Perinatal Education (PPNE) Certificate Program

How a baby is welcomed into the world matters. What is PPNE? Prenatal and Perinatal...
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Conversation with Catherine Monk Oct. 11, following IN UTERO Virtual Event

NEXT MONTHJoin The Conversationwith Dr. Catherine Monk"How to Birth Great Parents" Tuesday October 11, 5...
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HIGHLIGHT REEL "The Good News - Resilience in PTSD, and Extreme Trauma" with Rachel Yehuda

We were lucky to have this inspiring conversation with Rachel Yehuda in May. The title...
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Highlights "The Power of the Prenatal Mother-Baby Bond with a focus on Surrogacy and Adoption" with Michael Trout

Stephen Gyllenhaal and Michael Trout shared a powerful conversation around the topic "The Power of...
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Highlights: Unleashing the Secrets of our Embodied Mind with Thomas Verny

We were lucky to have this inspiring conversation with Thomas Verny in February. The title...
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THE BOND Premiere @ APPPAH International Film Festival

APPPAH is honored to support the creativity of filmmakers from around the world who are...
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Highlights "Effects of Early Trauma on Our Lifelong Sense of Safety and Nurturance & Why It Matters" with APPPAH President Raylene Phillips

We were honored to have an in depth conversation with APPPAH President Raylene Phillips about...
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Highlights: Q&A with IN UTERO Producer Stephen Gyllenhaal

We had an incredible crowd for our first virtual Q&A with IN UTERO producer and...
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Identity Development Institute Virtual Events

We are proud to announce the launch of a series of virtual events hosted by...
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