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Video On Demand (iTunes/Amazon/Etc.) vs Community Screenings

We are following a different path than the majority of documentaries. We want to explain why here.

As science has confirmed, the most important element in a healthy pregnancy is a bond between the developing child and mother. Over the past year, we’ve learned that the same is true with watching IN UTERO. The film’s greatest value is to start people talking and connecting. When the film is viewed alone so much is lost, which is the primary reason that we have stopped streaming the film for now.

This is at the root of why we have taken the film off the traditional VOD (Video on Demand) platforms like Amazon and iTunes and now offer screening kits instead (available as hard-copy kits OR instant access digital kits).

We want to encourage community - friends in their home, an organization, a classroom, a pregnancy or therapy group - anywhere that allows for human interaction afterwards. So much of our lives now involves the illusion of community as we work alone with the internet. We see people, but they are not flesh and blood. We hear people, but we don’t experience them in as nearly a profound way as when we are with someone in person.

The Internet, streaming, all the technological advances are of great value, but only if they bring us together. To what degree has the illusion of connection isolated us from that precious bond that is meant to begin in the womb and then effloresce as we grow older into a nurturing and blossoming family, then community and finally world?

At some point we will re-release the film through VOD channels, but we felt it of great importance with a film who’s core theme is to work towards more humanity as we conceive, bear, birth and raise our children (and ourselves), that we humanize as much as possible the experience of IN UTERO.

We look forward to your thoughts and feelings on this issue.

Please send us a message if you have questions or concerns!