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– Emily Zaczek

(★★★★★) “This hopeful film completely changed my perspective on my childhood and relationship with my parents. Before this film, I had not considered my time in utero, which I now understand to be a vital part of the human experience. Using examples from pop culture and movies, this film makes it clear that our time in utero is intertwined within our cultural consciousness. I walked away from this film with a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness as a species and a commitment to be more compassionate toward myself and others. This documentary is mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to ensure a better future for generations to come. Artfully constructed and beautifully scored, this film was both emotional and an urgent call to action. As someone who has had family affected by World War II, this film shed perspective on my family trauma and allowed me to empathize with my ancestry in ways I could not do before. Thanks to the director for giving us the insight to see ourselves with compassion and self-love!”


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