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THE BOND Premiere @ APPPAH International Film Festival

APPPAH is honored to support the creativity of filmmakers from around the world who are committed to increasing awareness of Birth Psychology and the continuum of consciousness that exists before and after birth.

These films are designed to educate birth professionals, parents, and all those working with babies, children and families about the positive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health that prenatal and postpartum bonding and attachment promotes for the whole family.  Understanding how to protect and support healthy emotional connections between babies and their families significantly contributes to preventing early trauma and creating a healthier society.

APPPAH has selected four powerful film presentations for your complementary viewing; THE BOND, a shorter follow-up to IN UTERO, will be available for viewing March 28.

Follow-up panel discussions with the film creators (producers/directors/writers) and global experts on the film’s topic will enrich our learning experience and provide insights into each film’s message for the world.  APPPAH is honored to support the first public screening of three of these important documentaries and proud to share a beloved film well worth revisiting.

The films and panel discussions are FREE to everyone at the live events in March (see schedule).  A Film Festival Recording Package will be available for purchase with unlimited access to view on your own time or to re-watch, re-enjoy, and re-absorb the rich experience these documentaries provide until April 30, 2022.  The recorded discussions will remain available.



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