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Ursula Volz-Boers


Dr. Ursula Volz-Boers is a psychoanalyst and member of the International Psychoanalytic Institute, and a medical doctor for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy in her office in Germany. She gained her specialization as a Neuropsychiatrist at the technical University of Aachen, and she is a docent and supervisor in the Colonian Psychoanalytic Institute (DPV). She was trained by Jeno Raffai in Prenatal Bonding (BA), a psychoanalytic method to facilitate communication between a pregnant mother and her unborn child, and now teaches Prenatal Bonding (BA) to psychoanalysts, gynecologists, midwives and pediatricians. Among her published works include “Psychoanalysis of Trauma“, “Embodied Countertransference“ and “Psychoanalytic Treatment of Pre- and Perinatal Traumatization.” She is the mother of a daughter and two sons.